Bachelor exhibition at the gallery KHM, Malmö. March 2016
24 hour Hd video, no sound

The title of the work Clignoter is a french word and that means “blink” or “flash”. This is an imitative word for how a candle flame sounds, cli gno ter. Translated into English means Clignoter “flash”.

What does a flame look like in its natural form? Which new images emerge through manipulation and extraction? This 24-hour video work is difficult to experience in its entirety, though much of the work´s strength lays in the very notion of the time that it evokes. It has been extended from 12 minutes to 24 hours, making each frame last for 4 seconds instead of 25 frames per second.

Through the installation of Clignoter in a black room, I wish to show how the slowness and currently has an aesthetic value in an era where speed and immediacy expected and required. It also creates a hypnotic effect, the longer you stay in the room the more you see.