MFA graduation exhibition No Flowers Bloom in the Cloud at Gallery KHM2

3d Animation, 07.55 min

The disappearance had been given a name now. Colony Collapse Disorder. It was on everyone's lips. I tasted it. The words swirled in my head. There was a rhythm in them, and the same letters. C's and O's and L´s and S´s. A little rhyme, Colony Collapse Disorder. Dilony Collapse Collorder. Ciillono Dollips Cylarder, and something medical over it, as if it belonged in a room with white coats and monitoring devices, not out in the meadow. I would never use those words anyway. They are not mine. I would rather say disappearance, or issue, or if I´m completely upset about it, and that I am quite often, I say: That fucking hassle.

Science and technology work together to put nature out of play and take over its functions, artificial intelligence and virtual realities that create constructed environments. Between organism and machine, the organic and the artefact. Technology exists around us all over the world, it can look like a peripheral part of the ecological system, but it´s a future where the ecological system is broken. Technology without nature, is like nature without pollination. Without pollination, no plants. And I wonder: What are the conditions for life without plants?

At a time where Harvard scientists have created the bee drone, and Walmart has already patented the bee drone for pollination, I wonder: Is this the future?