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Ö-läget, KRO-medlemsutställning 2023, Visby
5 Augusti - 19 augusti


Solo exhibition, Mellan oss, Gotland stories Hemse, Gotlands Konstmuseum

24/11 - 4/12 2022

Storgatan 43, Hemse 


Ö-läget, KRO-medlemsutställning

8 Oktober - 30 Oktober 2022 



Gotland Stories, samtalserie

Jonna Hägg som möter Karolina Sundblad, förvaltare av skyddad natur på Länsstyrelsen Gotland, i ett spännande samtal.

9 september, 2022. Kl. 16.00 - 17.00

Gotlands Museum, Strandgatan 14, 621 58 Visby


Gotland stories, Gotlands Konstmuseum

11 juni- 6 november 2022, Visby Sweden



Malmö Open Studios 11/9

Come and visit my studio at ⋰ d r i f t ❳ Aspögatan 1, 211 24 Malmö


Solo exhibition at Galleri Box, Gothenburg

Här i evig blåst

27/8–26/9, 2021


Sound Bench at Botan / Sustainability Week 

3 May 2021 - 27 June 2021


Vi jobbar

September 24–October 26

Vi jobbar (OBRA.MOS) is an art show built based on the experience and research opportunities for curators and art professionals provided by the 2020 edition of the project Malmö Open Studios. The exhibition idea explores sustainable ways of professional exhibition making using local and regional resources in the most organic and strategic way possible.  

The title of the exhibition alludes to the worker spirit of Malmö and how the local workforce of the city in the past 20 years has shifted from modern manufacturing and heavy industry activity to a more artistic, information technology and culture oriented processes akin to post-industrial advancement. The population of artists in the city grows every year and that creates and increasing offer of artworks and need for new platforms to emerge to accompany the creators in their professional journey.

The resulting selection of works encompasses diverse approaches to painting, ranging from Ida Persson's (b. Ystad, 1985) large scale acrylic paintings that explore poetically engineering and architectural structures, as well as Nike Åkerberg's (b. Malmö, 1986) and Luke Sivik-Phelps' (b. London, 1976) playful narratives of childhood and social interaction. Following OBRA's on-going interest in sculpture, the exhibition will include a series of glass works by artist Rina Eide Løvassen (b. Porsgrunn, 1988) and a cast aluminium sculpture by recent graduate Rasmus Ramö Streith (b. Falköping, 1985).

Also in the show is a triptych by Alexander Skats with his enigmatic exploration of images drawn from different sources including film, popular culture with occasional references to philosophy and art history.

We're also very pleased to be able to present an ink and rainwater drawing by Jonna Hägg (b. Visby, 1989), a diptych that explores representation of flora and fauna by Jonas Malmberg (Linköping, 1987) and a sample of the delicate and mysterious body of work by painter Tove Ambolt (Ystad, 1991).  

Welcome to the opening ceremony in the context of Gallery Week in Malmö:

September 24

OBRA follows the general recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden regarding COVID-19.

Gallery hours:
Monday to Friday 11.00–16.00*
Or by appointment


Video Visual to Moonica Mac (till slutet av augusti) Grammisgalan, tv4, 6/2-2020


Sound project at Inter Art Center Malmö

1 January 2020 - 31 December 2020

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